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Pharmacology is a hard subject in medical field. Because drugs classification, its mechanisms of action and adverse is very difficult for a students in memoriation. There are many books on subject written by a good pharmacologist but you should select a book that make a pharmacology easy for you and that is Tara shanbhag pharmacology.

Before you download the pdf you should read our review and features about the book given below. Then you should download the pdf from this page by using the link given below.tara shanbhag pharmacology pdf

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tara shanbhag pharmacology pdf review:

The book is written by TARA V SHANBHAG and SMITA SHENOY. This is an indian book of pharmacology. One of the best revised book of pharmacology. It make pharmacology very easy for both undergraduate as well as for postgraduate medical students. The book have four edition published so far. New edition is fully updated by modern researched. Addition of new drugs occur in every new addition. Drugs classification and important points on each drugs are explained very concisely.

The book is used by almost every medical students especially in Asia. Also used as a textbook in many medical school. Tara shanbhag is best competitor of lippincott pharmacology, kutzung pharmacology.

More about the book you should read the features of tara shanbhag pharmacology.

Features of tara shanbhag pharmacology pdf:

Here is the list of main features of shanbhag pharmacology pdf.

  • Short, simple and reliable book of pharmacology.
  • Easy language and excellent pattern of topics.
  •  Table form classification of drugs for easy memorizing.
  • Important drugs are explain with their mechanisms of action, adverse effect etc.

Chapters of Tara shanbhag pharmacology pdf:

list of chapters of tara shanbhag pharmacology;

  1. chapter 1:General pharmacology.
  2. chapter 2:Drud acting on autonomic nervous system.
  3. chapter 3:Drugs affection cardiovascular system.
  4. chapter 4 : Renal pharmacology.

chapter 5: Drug acting on central nervous system.

  1. chapter 6 : Autocoids and Respiratory system.
  2. chapter 7: Drugs use in the treatment os Gastrointestinal disease.
  3. chapter 8:Drugs acting on blood and blood forming organs.
  4. chapter 9: Endocrine pharmacology.
  5. chapter 10: Drugs acting on uterus.
  6. chapter 11: Chemotherapy.
  7. chapter 12: Miscellaneous Drugs.

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