Study Effect Exercise Blood Pressure:

THEORYeffect exercise blood pressure

To study the effect of exercise on BP, it is very important to know the severity exercrse. The grading of exercise is done depending upon percentage Of 02 used in relation to V02 max during exercise (V02 max is the rate of Oz consumtion during strenous exercise by  the individual).

Fortunately heart rate shows direct relationship With 02 consumption 8 Use and it is easy to measure pulse rate, this is why practically we are grading the exercise depending Upon heart rate.

The changes in blood pressure during exercise depend upon the type of exercise an individual is performing. During isotonic exercise there is increase in SBP as well as DBP in all  grades of exercise. During isometric exercise, effect on BP varies With severity of exercise. during mild grade of exercise there is increase SBP and no change or slight rise In DBP. during moderate exercise the more rise in SBP and no change or slight fall in DBP. ln heavy and severe exercise there is further rise in SBD and no change or slight fall or slight rise in DBP. There is increase in pulse pressure during isotonic exercise. Blood pressure comes to normal in about 5-7 minutes.


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