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Pathology is the study of diseases. Patho means disease and loges means study. When a disease attack a human body it cause a great damage to the human body. All the effects which are caused by the diseases is study in the branched of medical science known as pathology. It is very necessary that students have a complete knowledge about the various diseases and their effects on human body. That’s why professors refers the best book for pathology. To study pathology Robbins Basic Pathology is one of the standard book.

robbins basic pathology pdf

About Robbins Basic Pathology:

Robbin basic pathology is one of the best book of  Kumar Abbas Aster who give a lots of his great contribution to the medical science. He wrote several books about different topics but this book is the best of his work. Most precise and beautiful aspects of this is that it covers all the things related to the pathology. For higher studies, you should have the basic knowledge of pathology. For this professors and teachers recommended Robbins basic pathology. It is one the most studied and best selling book. for this you should study the features of the book given below.

Features of Robbins basic pathology:

some of the features are;

  • The was wrote in a very simple English language, so every on all over the word can read and understands it easily.
  • Every particular disease is explained with a chart and clear pictures for easy understanding.
  • At the ends of every topic there is summary for quick revision.
  • You should download the pdf of this book so you can study it every where on your laptop and computer.
  • This is the best selling book and most recommended book by experts.

Chapters in Robbins Basic Pathology:

Here is a list of chapters for Robbins Basic Pathology.

  1. CHAPTER 1: Cell Injury, Cell Death, and Adaptations 1
  2. CHAPTER 2: Inflammation and Repair 29
  3. CHAPTER 3: Hemodynamic Disorders, Thromboembolism, and Shock 75
  4. CHAPTER 4: Diseases of the Immune System 99
  5. CHAPTER 5: Neoplasia 161
  6. CHAPTER 6: Genetic and Pediatric Diseases 215
  7. CHAPTER 7: Environmental and Nutritional Diseases 269
  8. CHAPTER 8: General Pathology of Infectious Diseases 309
  9. CHAPTER 9: Blood Vessels 327
  10. CHAPTER 10: Heart 365
  11. CHAPTER 11: Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Systems 407
  12. CHAPTER 12: Lung 459
  13. CHAPTER 13: Kidney and Its Collecting System 517
  14. CHAPTER 14: Oral Cavity and Gastrointestinal Tract 551
  15. CHAPTER 15: Liver, Gallbladder, and Biliary Tract 603
  16. CHAPTER 16: Pancreas 645
  17. CHAPTER 17: Male Genital System and Lower Urinary Tract 657
  18. CHAPTER 18: Female Genital System and Breast 681
  19. CHAPTER 19: Endocrine System 715
  20. CHAPTER 20: Bones, Joints, and Soft Tissue Tumors 765
  21. CHAPTER 21: Peripheral Nerves and Muscles 797

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