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Katzung pharmacology is one of an easy book of pharmacology. Pharmacology is the toughest subject. And you need a book which is easy and have full concept of drugs, their action, mechanisms etc. And that is Katzung pharmacology. Most recommended book of pharmacology by professors and doctors. Widely used book for pharmacology, and  the students prefer katzung pharmacology over other pharmacology book. There are also many other book of pharmacology like Lippincott pharmacology.

Before you download, You should read our quick review about the book and features. You can download this book at the end of this page by using our link.

Basic and Clinical Pharmacology pdf.

Authors of this pharma book are Bertram G Katzung and Anthony J Trevor. The have 13 editions so far. It is one of the reliable and standard book of pharmacology.  The book has concise and fundamental concept of pharmacology. To learn pharma thoroughly, then Basic and Clinical pharmacology should be on your study table.katzung pharmacology pdf

Features of Katzung Pharmacology:

Here is the list of features of katzung pharmacology;

  • Have more than 100 questions and MCQs, That is very help full for examine preparation.
  • Short notes with major concept of drugs classification, mechanisms etc.
  • Easy explanatory figures and tables.
  • At the end of every chapter, have summary for quick review.
  • Simple and easy definitions.
  • 13 editions of this pharma book is published till now.
  • New edition is full updated with new drugs and modern information.

Chapters of katzung pharmacology pdf:

Here is the list of chapters;

  1. Basic Principles.
  2. Autonomic Drugs.
  3. Cardiovascular-Renal Drugs.
  4. Drugs with important actions on smooth muscles.
  5. Drugs that act in the central nervous system.
  6. Drugs used to treat diseases of the blood , inflammation.
  7. Endocrine drugs.
  8. Chemotherapeutic drugs.
  9. Toxicology.
  10. Special topics.

Download Katzung Pharmacology pdf free:

For electronic devises we have a pdf format. To learn katzung pharmacology easily anywhere, you should download the pdf by using link given below. katzung

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