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Pediatrics is the branch of medical science that deals with the children health and diseases. The book which is best in pediatrics is illustrated textbook of pediatrics. Download the book in pdf format from this page at the end by using the download link given below. But first you read the review and features given below.

illustared textbook pediatrics pdf

illustrated Textbook Of Pediatrics pdf Review:

Illustrated textbook of pediatrics wrote by Tom Lissauer. There are five edition published. New edition is completely revised by new modern researched. The book aim to provide a concise knowledge in pediatrics. The book retain high level of illustration and accessibility that make it very famous among the medical students all around the world. It is one of the good approached to the specialty exam.

illustrated textbook of pediatrics 5th edition is thoroughly updated with new topics. The book is one of the highly searched on net and also one of the best sale book on amazon etc. Download the pdf at the end. More about the book read the features.

Features Of illustrated Textbook Pediatrics Pdf:

Overview of some important features;

  • Most recommended book of pediatrics.
  • Highly sale all around the globe.
  • Best book for every board examination.
  • Simple english language for easy understanding.
  • Full of clinical pictures.
  • Boxes of important information for quick revision.


Here is the list of chapters;

  1.  The child in society
  2. History and examination
  3.  Normal child development, hearing and vision
  4.   Developmental problems and the child with special needs
  5.  Care of the sick child
  6.  Pediatric emergencies
  7.   Accidents, poisoning, and child protection
  8.   Genetics
  9.   Perinatal medicine
  10.  Neonatal medicine
  11.  Growth and puberty
  12. Nutrition
  13.   Gastroenterology
  14.  Infection and immunity
  15.  Allergy
  16.   Respiratory disorders
  17.   Cardiac disorders
  18.   Kidney and urinary tract disorders
  19.   Genitalia
  20.   Liver disorders
  21.  Malignant disease
  22.  Hematological disorders
  23.  Emotions and behavior
  24. Skin disorders
  25. Endocrine and metabolic disorders
  26.  Musculoskeletal disorders
  27.   Neurological disorders
  28.  Adolescent medicine

Download Illustrated Textbook Pediatrics PDF 5th Edition Free:

Download illustrated textbook pediatrics pdf 5th edition by using the link given below.

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