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Medicine is subject that deals with the diseases without surgery. The specialist of medicine is called physician. It is very necessary that a physician must have a complete knowledge of all diseases. Because physician deal mostly with patient in emergency. There are many books of medicine like Davidson Medicine and many more But you download a book that make your concept in easy and simple way is Kumar & Clark Clinical Medicine. You can download the pdf of kumar & clark Clinical Medicine latest edition from this page at the end by using the link button given below.

kumar and clark clinical medicine pdf

Kumar and Clark Clinical Medicine pdf Review:

The book was wrote by Parveen Kumar and Micheal Clark. This medicine book is complete and most comprehensive textbook. One of the most consulted single volume textbook in medicine throughout the world. Best and most recommended medicine book for medical students and doctors. For examination point of view also hold top position. You should download the ebook of this book from this at the end by using the download button. More about the book you must read the features given below.

Features of Kumar and Clark Clinical Medicine pdf:

Here is the list of main features of this book;

  • Best book for specialist examination.
  • Color coded chapter make the book very attractive and make interest of learning.
  • Important information are given in table and boxes for easy learning & revision.
  • The book is full of photographs.
  • Simple english is used that every one can understand easily.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Chapter 1: Ethics, law and communication
  2. Chapter 2 :Clinical pharmacology
  3. Chapter 3 :Palliative medicine and symptom control
  4. Chapter 4 :Global health
  5. Chapter 5 :Environmental medicine
  6. Chapter 6 :Poisoning
  7. Chapter 7 :Molecular cell biology and human genetics
  8. Chapter 8 :The immune system and disease
  9. Chapter 9 :Water, electrolytes and acid–base balance
  10. Chapter 10 :Nutrition
  11. Chapter 11 :Infectious disease
  12. Chapter 12:Sexually transmitted infections and HIV
  13. Chapter 13:Gastrointestinal disease
  14. Chapter 14. :Liver disease
  15. Chapter 15 :Biliary tract and pancreatic disease
  16. Chapter16:Haematological disease
  17. Chapter 17: Malignant disease
  18. Chapter 18:Rheumatic disease
  19. Chapter 19: Bone disease
  20. Chapter 20: Kidney and urinary tract disease
  21. Chapter 21: Neurological disease
  22. Chapter 22:Psychological medicine
  23. Chapter 23 :Cardiovascular disease
  24. Chapter 24 :Respiratory disease
  25. Chapter 25 :Critical care medicine
  26. Chapter 26 :Endocrine disease
  27. Chapter 27 :Diabetes mellitus
  28. Chapter 28. :Lipid and metabolic disorders
  29. Chapter 29: Women’s health
  30. Chapter 30: Ear, nose and throat and eye disease
  31. Chapter 31: Skin disease

Download Kumar and Clark Clinical Medicine Latest Edition Free:

Download kumar and clark clinical medicine pdf latest from below by using the link button given below.

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