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Pathology branch of medical science that deal with the cause and course of  development of diseases. Patho means disease and loges means study. Pathology is very important subject in medical science. With out complete a complete knowledge of pathology one can never treat a disease. One should have a complete knowledge of pathology, for that one should have select a book that holds all the basic knowledge. There are many book of pathology like Robbin basic pathology but BRS pathology have a standard book of pathology. You can download the BRS pathology from this page at the end by using the link.BRS Pathology Pdf

About BRS Pathology Pdf:

BRS medical books series holds a top place in medical field and the book belong to this series. The BRS pathology is the most effective review for the USMLE Step 1 exam & Basic Science Coursework. Seven editions of the book are published so far. The language is very simple that one can understand only in one read.

As a doctor i also used the book, and i amazed by read the book and its way of delivering of concept. I also recommended you that you should used the BRS pathology for pathology. You can download BRS pathology in pdf format from this page by using the link.

Features of BRS Pathology pdf:

Here is the prime features of BRS pathology pdf book;

  • For USMLE step 1 BRS pathology is the most effective review.
  •  For quick revision the key topics are faster with bolded key words, figures, tables, algorithms, and highlighted clinical correlations.
  • At the end of every chapter is Revision test questions with key.
  • Also best for undergraduate medical students.
  • Used all around the globe not only for USMLE preparation but also for other health professional examination.

Chapters of BRS Pathology Pdf:

Here is list of chapter of BRS Pathology pdf;

  1. Cellular Reaction to Injury
  2. Inflammation
  3. Hemodynamic Dysfunction
  4. Genetic Disorders
  5. Immune Dysfunction
  6. Neoplasia
  7. Environmental Pathology
  8. Nutritional Disorder
  9. Vascular System
  10. The Heart
  11. Anemia
  12. Neoplastic and Prolifrrative Disorder Hematopoietic and Lymphoid system
  13. Heamorrhagic Disorder
  14. Respiratory System
  15. Gastrointestinal Track
  16. Liver, Gallbladder and Exocrine Pancreas
  17. Kidney and Urinary Track
  18. Male Reproductive System
  19. Female Reproductive System and Breast
  20. Endocrine System
  21. Skin
  22. Musculoskeletal System
  23. Nervous System
  24. Interpretation of Diagnostic Test and Laboratory Statistics

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