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Histology is the branch of medical science that deal with the microscopic structure of tissue and cell. Di Fiore Atlas of histology is one of the standard book of histology. It is one of the prime and greatest book in the field of human histology. Di Fiore Atlas is the best book for the new medical comers because the book covered all the basic concepts of human  histology.

Di fiore Atlas of histology is using by almost every students all around the world. The book is also the best recommendation by many professors and doctors. Being a medical student I myself using this book. To need a good concept of human histology you should the pdf of this book from this page.

About Di Fiore Atlas:di fiore atlas histology

The book is written by Victor P.Eroschenko. Atlas is presented in such away that students can pick concept about every tissue and cell easily. Great things about this book is the diagrams and real pictures taken from microscope that helps students in better understanding. labeled diagrams of an organelles and cells save time a students and help them to learn topic with going through more details. Pictures of every cell is described with its structure and function.

Features of di-fiore atlas pdf:

some features of Atlas of histology are;

  • Di Fiore  Atlas of histology contain clear slide of tissues and color full  diagrams.
  • Every topic is explain with short notes and color diagrams.
  • Atlas Di fiore of histology is the standard book and have great concept about every human tissue.
  • There are 12 editions of this is published. The new edition is completely revised and a new topics is added.
  • By download the pdf of Di Fiore of Atlas you can study it everywhere on your laptop and computer.

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