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BRS medical book is a famous series in medical science. BRS biochemistry is also a famous book of this series.The book specially designed for USMLE board examination. Highly recommended for both undergraduate and post graduate medical students, You can download the book in pdf format from this page by usingthe link given below. You can also download other medical biochemistry by using the link.

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BRS Biochemistry Pdf Review:

The authors of the book are  Michael A. Lieberman and Rick Ricer. This revision of BRS Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetics is intended to help students prepare for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1, as well as other board examinations for students in health-related professions. The basic material of biochemistry is presented in an integrative fashion on the basis of the conviction that details are easier to remember if they are presented within the context of the physiologic functioning of the human body. It presents the essentials of biochemistry in the form of condensed descriptions and simple illustrations. Test questions at the end of the chapter emphasize important information and lead to a better understanding of the material. A comprehensive examination at the end of the book serves as a self-evaluation to help the student uncover areas of strength and weakness. We hope that this edition will aid students not only with the immediate task of passing a set of examinations, but also with the more long-term objective of fitting the subject of biochemistry into the framework of basic and clinical sciences, so essential to understanding their future patients’ problems. In a book of this nature it is possible that certain questions will have mixed interpretations. Any errors in the book are the sole responsibility of the authors, and we would like to be informed of such errors, or alternative explanations. Through this feedback future printings of the book will reflect the correction of these errors. The authors would like to thank Dr. Anil Menon for his careful review of Chapter 10 (Human Genetics), and Stacey Sebring, our managing editor, for her patience with us as we worked on this revision of BRS Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetics.

BRS Biochemistry Pdf

Features of BRS Biochemistry Pdf:

some of the important features of BRS Biochemistry are;

  • Recommended for USMLE and other board examination.
  • Also recommended by 1st and 2nd Years medical students.
  • Colors diagram, beautiful figures and tables is very helpfull.
  • A good competitor of other medical biochemistry.
  • Highly sold book on net.

To study the book easily on your pc, laptop, mobile and mobile etc, You should download the pdf format from this by using the link given below.

Chapters of BRS Biochemistry Pdf:

Here is the list of chapter of BRS biochemistry;

  • 1. Fuel Metabolism And nutrition: basic Principles.
  • 2. Basic Aspects of biochemistry: organic chemistry, Acid–base chemistry, Amino Acids, Protien structure And Function, And enzyme Kinetics.
  • 3. Gene expression (transcription), synthesis of Proteins (translation), And Regulation of gene expression.
  • 4. cell biology, signal transduction, And the Molecular biology of cancer.
  • 5. Generation of ATP from metabolic Fuels And oxygen toxicity.
  • 6. Carbohydrate Metabolism.
  • 7. Lipid  And ethanol Metabolism.
  • 8. Nitrogen Metabolism–Amino Acims, Purines, Pyrimidines, And Products Derived from Amino Acids.
  • 9. Molecular endocrinology And An overview of tissue Metabolism.
  • 10. Human genetics—An introduction.

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